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At the beginning of August 98 the circlemakers were asked to participate in the creation of a advert for Mitsubishi's next European car - the 'Space Star'. When we were first approached about the project we were asked if we could just make one of the cars wheels, as the production company was intending to create the rest of the car digitally, but we convinced them that we could create the whole 350ft x 110ft car for real in a field. So, we were asked to lay down the silhouette of the car in the famed East Field in Alton Barnes, Wiltshire. The same field that was host to the first 7 fold Koch Fractal earlier in the year.
[ Image courtesy Mitsubishi ]


Uncharacteristically the formation was made during daylight. It took the 3 of us 12 hours to complete due to the complexity of the design - which had numerous center-points and compound curves to find and create - and the need for absolute accuracy, the formation wouldn't be much use if it didn't look like the car it was supposed to be representing! The creation of the formation ran smoothly with only a couple of hairy moments...
As we had suspected the day didn't pass without event. First there was a threatening phone call to Tim Carson the owner of the field telling him that the formation would be sabotaged. Then later in the day various croppies turned up to heckle - "is that the best you can do", "crazy fools" - and make a nuisance of themselves by trying to enter the field. But no one was able to reach the formation before being intercepted by security. After we'd completed the formation some croppies returned to the site and proceeded to throw rocks at the security guards. But the formation survived the night unscathed and filming started in earnest the next morning complete with black military helicopters, police, scientists, farmers, croppies, journalists, TV crews, Men In Black, and secret service agents, some real and some laid on as extras for the advert, we'll leave it up to you to decide which was which...
[ All images © John Lundberg 1998 ]

Diagram: Space StarDiagram:  WheelDiagram: Wheel and car
The Production TeamRod/WilRod arc's
Stomping a ringFlattening the cropTriangulation
StompingSmall arcTape throw
Wil arcStompingWheel detail
Hats offHelicopter cameraFilm extras
Rod Wil and the carCar shotFilming in the wheel

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