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Crop Levelling

The LevellersCrop circles are now well and truly enshrined in our popular culture, so we weren't surprised when we were asked to create a formation for a pop video.
There's quite a long tradition of circles appearing in pop videos stretching back to the early 1990's when the KLF created their pyramid blaster logo in wheat for the "What Time is Love" video. In the mid 90's the spiders web crop circle that appeared next to Avebury stone circle was used by Dodgy in their "Staying out for the Summer" video.
This time around it was The Levellers (pictured above) who - via the production company Junk72 - asked us to create their anarchy symbol as a crop circle to be used as the centrepiece in their latest video.
Levellers formation
Levellers CapThe formation (pictured above) which spanned approx 200ft was created on a balmy summers day by circlemakers John Lundberg, Rod Dickinson and Wil Russell at Poynings, West Sussex in mid August 2002 and took about four hours to construct. Initially Junk72 asked us to map out the geometry of the formation and then stop. Once this was done we downed tools and were joined by the five band members Mark, Jeremy, Charlie, Simon and Jon who under our instruction flattened a large proportion of the formation whilst being filmed. They brought along three baseball caps (pictured right) depicting the formation to protect us from the mid-day sun. It was a very surreal sight as we stood their in our Levellers caps watching the band being us, Jeremy - who also designed the symbol - joked that in return we'd need to record their next single for them!
According to press reports we're keeping the methods used to create the formation secret. Er, no we're not, we used the same methods we always use. Tools included marking posts, stalk stompers and surveyors tapes and we used three construction diagrams to create the formation (Diagram 1 pictured below).
Construction Diagram
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Photos courtesy: Junk72, The Levellers.
Exhibit AHTV Formation